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Sharon Dodua Otoo gives lectures and speeches on the topics of "Empowerment", "Black Feminism" and "Language and Literature".


Sharon Dodua Otoo manages to convey a personal approach to major issues such as feminism, colonialism and identity without a moralizing tone. "Otoo generates [...] empathy and ultimately the ground for social change," says Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). Deutschlandfunk Kultur attests to her "sharp eye for hidden racism". "Sharon Dodua Otoo sets [...] high standards", finds the intercultural magazine IN from Stuttgart.

In addition to the Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD), Sharon Dodua Otoo is involved with Phoenix e.V. for a culture of understanding and with ADEFRA e.V. a Black queer feminist association. In 2018 she received a scholorship from the German Literature Fund and in 2019 the Guntram and Irene Rinke Foundation awarded her the TAGEWERK scholarship.

Speeches  &  Lectures



"das erinnern", Inauguration of Manga-Bell-Platz, Berlin

" Vom Lernen und Schreiben in einer consent culture", Opening address for the International Conference of German Teachers, Vienna

"Ist das Wasser?", School graduation speech, Potsdam

"Das Märchen von Hoffnung und Haltung",  Ruhrfestspiele opening address, Recklinghausen

"In Search of Resonance: On Black German Literature and Literary Criticism", Schroeder Lecture, Cambridge


"Welcoming Address", Writing with CARE/RAGE Conference, Berlin


"Some Kind of Tomorrow: Honouring the Visions of Black Feminist Creative Authors", Goethe Annual Lecture, London

"Dürfen Schwarze Blumen Malen?", Klagenfurter Rede zur Literatur, Klagenfurt


"Letter from the Village", Lecture-Performance, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


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