Photo by Stadt Regensburg / Christian Kaister, 2022


Sharon Dodua Otoo gives lectures and speeches on the topics of "Empowerment", "Black Feminism" and "Language and Literature" - and is represented by the agency "Geistesgegenwart".


Sharon Dodua Otoo manages to convey a personal approach to major issues such as feminism, colonialism and identity without a moralizing tone. "Otoo generates [...] empathy and ultimately the ground for social change," says Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). Deutschlandfunk Kultur attests to her "sharp eye for hidden racism". "Sharon Dodua Otoo sets [...] high standards", finds the intercultural magazine IN from Stuttgart.

In addition to the Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD), Sharon Dodua Otoo is involved with Phoenix e.V. for a culture of understanding and with ADEFRA e.V. a Black queer feminist association. In 2018 she received a scholorship from the German Literature Fund and in 2019 the Guntram and Irene Rinke Foundation awarded her the TAGEWERK scholarship.

Speeches  &  Lectures



"das erinnern", Inauguration of Manga-Bell-Platz, Berlin

"Ist das Wasser?", School graduation speech, Potsdam

"Das Märchen von Hoffnung und Haltung",  Ruhrfestspiele opening address, Recklinghausen

"In Search of Resonance: On Black German Literature and Literary Criticism", Schroeder Lecture, Cambridge


"Some Kind of Tomorrow: Honouring the Visions of Black Feminist Creative Authors", Goethe Annual Lecture, London

"Dürfen Schwarze Blumen Malen?", Klagenfurter Rede zur Literatur, Klagenfurt


"Letter from the Village", Lecture-Performance, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


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